Every owner with Oceans Racing receives a personal service so that they experience the full benefits of sole ownership, within a select partnership.

Each owner is treated as if they own their horses outright and we pride ourselves on our communication.  You can think of Oceans Racing as your racing manager, while we encourage as many stable and racetrack visits as owners are able to make, so they have regular and direct contact with the trainers, jockeys, work riders as well as lads or lasses.

We make every effort to keep Owners as regularly informed as they require, on the training and racing plans and general wellbeing of their horses.  With regular telephone calls and email updates, including photographs and videos where possible, we try and ensure your ownership experience is as enjoyable as it can be.

With Oceans Racing you do not have to wait for specially organized and selected ‘open days’ at the trainers stables – if you want to visit the stables or request owners badges  for the races, all you have to do is ask and we will do our best to organize!

Race Days

Many of our owners try and go racing on every day their horse runs. We encourage this and always make arrangements for our owners to have as many owners badges as possible, picked up from the Owners & Trainers desk at each racecourse. They will be welcomed in the paddock by the trainer or one of the Oceans Racing team and meet the jockey, as well as hopefully leading their horse into the winners enclosure!

Typical Partnerships…

We hand select each new horse we acquire and a new partnership is formed.  The exact make-up is always flexible and tailored to suit the horse and the requirements of each individual owner.

In general, each partnership is made up of between 4 and 12 part-owners, each tending to hold equal shares.  There is a down payment for the part ownership of each horse, with percentages varying according to number of partners and the cost of the horse.  Training and racing costs are calculated on a fixed and all inclusive basis so every owners can budget for the year in advance, with no hidden surprises!  Even veterinary costs and jockey fees are included within our standard costs.

We also assist some very successful and knowledgeable racehorse owners in their own right to join forces with likeminded people for new ventures.  For instance we have set-up a 3 horse partnership of unraced high grade store horses for six established owners, where the owners are increasing their chance of finding the next superstar in the national hunt sphere.

The  Oceans Racing team often retain an element of ownership, proving they are prepared to back their judgment and share in the success of the winning horses.

New to Racing?

Racehorse ownership can be a lot more affordable than you think!  Becoming part of one of our select partnerships or syndicates allows you to experience the excitement and adrenalin rush at a fraction of the cost of full ownership.  You can enjoy horse racing with other members as well as your family or friends, with some of our owners paying as little as £100 per month.

We specialise in managing and introducing new owners into the industry, offering affordable thoroughbred racehorses and syndicate shares.  Even if you have never owned a race horse before, you can take part in the action.


  • Regular email updates on training and future plans for your horse
  • Consultations on race selection and vital decisions
  • Complimentary Owners badges at the race tracks
  • Access to owners & trainers bars, restaurants and car parks at race meetings
  • Regular racing bulletins including race entries and declarations
  • Reports From trainers and jockeys
  • Unlimited access to trainers yards
  • Horse naming rights for unraced youngsters
  • A share of all prize money won
  • A share of the sale value when your horse is sold
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